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5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Portable Evaporative Cooler

1. What’s the Layout of My Space?

Evaporative coolers are designed for outdoor, or semi-enclosed spaces. That’s because when you rent a portable evaporative cooler, you’ll need a fresh air source. You will notice that different size coolers will cool different sized spaces. For example, the Cold Front 400 cools up to 3600 square feet. Every environment is different, and many factors come into play when determining how much space the units will actually cool. This is dependent on things such as how enclosed the space is, how many people present, and where the variable speed fan is set at. We always suggest reaching out to an expert to figure out what portable evaporative cooler is right for you. 

2. How Humid Is My Environment?

Evaporative coolers are also called swamp coolers or desert coolers. That’s because they work best in dry and arid environments, on drier days and in drier seasons. Swamp cooler rentals will introduce moisture-filled air back into the environment. It’s not wet or misty air, but the air will make a humid environment more humid.

In high humid markets you can still use evaporative coolers but you won’t feel the same effect because the air is already holding a good amount of moisture.  That’s why dry environments are the ideal markets for evaporative coolers.

3. How Big Is My Space? 

An evaporative cooler generally cools one room/one space. The fan blows the cool air back into the space surrounding the cooler, which means you’ll need an additional cooler for additional spaces that may be partitioned off. 

For large open spaces like warehouses or factories, you might benefit from a larger cooler or several coolers throughout the single space. Use the measurement of your space and your expected occupancy to determine what size evaporative cooler is best for your needs. 

4. Getting to know the basics on evaporative coolers, and where is your water source?

Evaporative coolers are generally low-maintenance, especially when renting them and receiving a quality piece of equipment. 

Fortunately, evaporative coolers like the cool-space lineup from Big Ass Fans come with several user-friendly features that make the operation, and set-up very easy.

Most importantly, you will need water. With a standard garden hose hook-up, you can connect a hose to the unit giving it constant water supply. With a water inlet float, the unit will only take in water as needed. If you don’t want to have a constant hook-up, or if the unit needs to operate far from a water source – you’re in luck. These units are on casters, and easy to move. With water tanks up to 64 gallons, you can fill the tank, and roll it where its needed. 

5. What Are My Cooling Needs?

Extreme heat can be very dangerous, which is why employees or guests in uncomfortable or dangerously hot environments need reliable cooling equipment.

When you can’t compromise on reliable and efficient equipment, it’s helpful to consult portable evaporative cooler reviews and research the providers that rent them out. You’ll want:

  • Reliable equipment that works for your environment
  • Cost savings and energy efficiency
  • A team of responsive experts who can quickly address any issues that arise.

If you’re thinking about renting portable evaporative coolers, call Axis Air for an immediate rental or quote. Our dedicated team provides 24/7 service and will work with you to understand your project and the best climate control solution for you/your company.

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