We are a service driven, industry proven, climate control company. Solely focused on the rental and sales of portable air conditioning and heating equipment, we are raising the standard in the climate control solutions space. With industry-leading products and a customer-focused mission, AXIS Portable Air is supporting small business to enterprise level organizations across the United States.

Portable Air Conditioning

With an industry leading fleet of portable air conditioners, our team of experts can provide trusted solutions.


Evaporative Cooling

With a wide selection of evaporative coolers, our team can provide spot cooling for any need.


Portable Heating

We are serious about heat. With a complete fleet, we have the inventory for all portable heating solutions.


Drying Equipment

With equipment you need and service you deserve, we are your strategic partner when weather strikes.


Different By Design. Better By Choice.

Solutions. Not Just Equipment. There should only be one type of climate solutions company. One that first focuses on service and building long-term relationships. It’s more than just providing equipment, it’s providing real climate solutions tailored to your specific needs. Sounds like the way it should be, right?

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Temperatures rise. Yours don't have to.

With an industry leading fleet of air cooled and evaporative portable air conditioners, our team of experts can provide trusted solutions for small spot cooling to large-scale industrial needs. For planned projects, emergency situations, or general climate control needs, we deliver the solutions on time, and on budget.

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We Are Serious About Heat

We provide the right equipment for the job. With a comprehensive fleet, and experienced climate-control professionals, we have set a new standard in portable, supplemental, and spot-heating solutions. From custom heating requirements, emergency needs, and everything in between, we deliver the temperature and climate needed to keep businesses moving.

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Equipment You Need, Service You Deserve.

When unexpected events occur, weather strikes, or humidity gets in the way, our team of experts understand responsiveness, and available inventory is critical. From dehumidification solutions, simply drying equipment, and clean air applications, we are committed to keeping you on the move and keeping moisture out.

All of your rentals. In one place.

You'll know everything, at a glance. We are committed to keeping your data secure. We brought everything together, billing, reporting and more. Now you can conveniently manage your rentals any time, any place.

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