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All About Spot Coolers

As temperatures rise, so does the demand for efficient and reliable portable cooling systems. Axis Air focuses solely on temporary, supplemental, and emergency climate control equipment. However, we understand that you need these efficient cooling systems without digging a hole in your pocket. So, what’s the answer? Spot Coolers. 

In this post, we’ll tell you what spot coolers are, why they’re efficient and how they can make all the difference at your job site. 

What Are Portable Spot Coolers?

Portable spot coolers are compact and self-contained air conditioning units with high maneuverability. They specialize in cooling the ‘spots’ or any particular area, people, processes, or equipment. 

These portable AC units contain an ambient unit from which the air enters, a duct unit that exhausts hot air through the drop ceiling, and an outlet unit that emits cool air into the area.  Portable AC units ranging in capacity from 1 – 5 tons are generically classified as spot-coolers. The size requirement depends on the location of the space you’re trying to cool.

What Is The Best Spot Cooler? 

Whether your warehouse cooling systems are down or you need a spot AC unit at your construction site, you want to be sure you’re renting the correct equipment for your environment. 

You must choose equipment designed using reliable portable cooling technology. 

Top Spot Cooling Recommendations 

Movincool: Movincool has been the pioneer in the portable cooling market from the beginning, and its products have received excellent reviews for reliability, innovation, and value. 

  1. MovinCool X Series Highlights: 
  • Advanced cooling for commercial and industrial applications
  • Connectivity-ready: remote monitoring, geolocation, and performance notifications
  • The 3-speed fan and adjustable nozzles for a versatile cooling and comfort solution

Click here for the full spec sheet. 

  1. MovinCool D Series Highlights: 
  • 2 in 1 system: heat pumps that for heating or cooling 
  • Made with safety in mind:  no flammable gas or hot surfaces 
  • Compact footprint lets you maximize your space 

Click here for the full spec sheet.

We are proud to be a top dealer of MovinCool Cooling Systems at Axis Air. If you need to rent or reserve a Movincool cooling system, call Axis Air today. One of our experienced climate control specialists is on standby and available to find you the best cooling system. 

What Size of Portable Spot Cooler Do I Need? 

Now that you know you need to rent a portable spot cooler, you’re wondering about what size/capacity spot cooler will get the job done? 

Here are a few factors to consider: 

  • The size of your space/site 
  • Number of people generally present inside 
  • Ceiling height 

A one-ton spot cooler typically covers about 12,000 BTU and cools 400 square feet. BTU is a British Thermal Unit, an energy unit representing the amount of heat the AC unit can remove from ambient air. On average, each person emits about 900 BTU.

So, for example, say your area is 800 square feet, with four people generally inside it. Then:

Energy from people = 900 x 4 = 3,600 BTU

Area = 800 square feet

Size = (400/800) + (3,600/12,000) = 5 ton

If you’d like to know which cooler is best for your project, use this BTU calculator to calculate the size requirement of your portable spot cooler. 

Remember that we always take care of this detail for you at Axis Air. We calculate your personalized requirements and suggest the best available option.

Spot Coolers: Emergencies and Planning Ahead  

Emergencies always come unasked. 

Renting or reserving your spot cooler can make the difference in whether or not your workspace is open or closed. Emergency-cooling requirements such as HVAC failures and technical breakdowns can cause sudden demand for a spot cooler. Unfulfilling the need can harm your project and people in unbearable ways and force you to shut down operations. Play it safe and have a spot cooler reserved so that you can keep your doors open and operations flowing. 

Indeed, you can’t always anticipate emergencies. You may find yourself in a position where you need to rent a spot cooler ASAP. As a manager, you may be confused if renting a spot cooler is better than owning one? Great question. 

Here is a list of 6 reasons we recommend renting a spot cooler:  

  • More cost-effective, with no capital/out of pocket expenses 
  • There is no “one size fits all” for applications (hence 1-5 tons units) 
  • No stress if service issues arise 
  • Zero storage costs 
  • Typically used short term rather than long term 
  • When you rent from Axis, you get the newest fleet and products on the market 

There are certain situations when purchasing a spot cooler may be a good option for you. We consider all of your needs when designing your sales/rental quote. You can trust Axis Air to give you the best recommendation. 

We’re proud of the products that we carry and are prepared to rent you the equipment for large or small projects. Call Axis Air for an immediate rental or quote, whether planning or needing emergency assistance. Our dedicated team provides 24/7 service and will work with you to understand your project and the best climate control solution for you/your company. 


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