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Make-Up Air Heaters and When You Need Them

When exploring how to control temperatures for your project, several equipment types, fuel sources, and site factors will come into play. Make-Up Air Heaters may just be your ideal answer. In this article, we’re reviewing what these heaters are, how they work, and what makes them the right choice for specific applications. 

What Are Make-Up Air Heaters?

Make-Up Air Heaters are direct-fired heaters designed to draw fresh air through the heating unit’s intake and emit tempered air into the application area. These units draw 100% of their air from the outdoors. That air is then heated and evenly distributed indoors in a controlled manner. 

The air is now drier, tempered, and clean. As a result, it can absorb moisture and diffuse the fumes from the construction process by replacing the contaminated air in the building with fresh air. In addition, the design of these units allows them to produce enough airflow to create positive pressure within the space. The airflow then distributes warm air into the building and prevents the cold air from creeping in.  

Are Make-Up Air Heaters Different From Recirculation Units? 

Yes. Recirculating units are staged inside the building and utilize naturally infiltrated air to create heat. Unfortunately, that means there isn’t any mechanical air ventilation like with make-up heaters. This hinder’s the unit’s ability to distribute the heat evenly. Additionally, these units emit bi-products of combustion while operating. Those bi-products are then recirculated, adding humidity and decreasing overall air quality.  

Pros & Cons of Make-Up Air Heaters 

Make-Up Air Heaters have several advantages for construction and industrial applications. 

  • Improved Air Quality 

When a building has a negative air pressure, contaminants are not cleaned appropriately, reducing overall air quality. Additionally, increased levels of pollutants can pose serious health issues and manufacturing process problems. By renting/purchasing a makeup heater, you can create positive air pressure, which cleans, dries, and tempers the environment’s air quality. 

  • Improved Working Environment 

During winter, the temperature falls, which can cause unsafe conditions for workers and slow down your project schedule. You can ensure warm temperatures and improved air quality by investing in a makeup air heater. Additionally, the heater reduces the need for supplemental building heating and removes the burden off your HVAC equipment. It is saving you money on energy costs and heating bills.  

  • Improved Efficiency

Makeup air heaters are incredibly fuel-efficient and cost-effective. In addition, they have a lot of BTU, are small, compact, and readily available to rent

There aren’t many disadvantages of renting or owning a make-up heater. However, one factor to consider is that while these units do work inside and outside, they run more efficiently when operating out of doors. So, if you’re considering renting or purchasing a makeup heater, give Axis Portable Air a call. Our team of experts will provide specific recommendations based on your application. 

What Is The Best Make-Up Air Heater? 

When considering which heater will be best for your project, it’s essential to consider the longevity and quality of the equipment. You also want to ensure that you’re renting the right equipment for your application. Make-up heaters are most commonly used as construction site heaters. However, they are also ideal for; retrofits, masonry enclosures, drying or fireproofing, concrete pours, supplemental heating, or interior finishes. If you fall under those categories, consult the list below for our top recommendations. 

Make-up Heater Recommendations 

Note: Each of these models allows the operator to switch between natural gas and LP. In addition, they evenly distribute dry air and can be placed inside or out.  

  1. Flagro FMA-550

  1. Flagro FMA- 1500 

  1. Flagro FMA – 2300  

(link spec sheet for each product) 

Axis Portable Air provides not only industry-leading service but equipment. As a distributor for Flagro Heaters, and Campo Equipment, our team can offer a wide variety of heaters for purchase or rent. 

Due to the numerous equipment styles, models, and fuel sources, our team is prepared to help answer your questions and ensure that you are making the right decisions based on your unique needs.  

Emergency Rentals and Planning Ahead 

Axis Portable Air is an equipment rental, and sales company solely focused on climate control equipment. With an industry-leading fleet of temporary and portable heaters, our team of experts delivers trusted solutions for construction sites, commercial properties, outdoor events, and much more. 

We rapidly respond to emergencies and assist with planned projects, and our experts work hard to ensure we can provide you with the best equipment and resources. Axis Portable Air has a team you can trust. 

So, if you have equipment needs or want to learn more about our fleet, reach out today.


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