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Hydroxyl Machines: What They Are & How They Work 

Axis Portable Air solely focuses on portable climate control equipment. Within that category is something called IAC, or Indoor Air Quality. One type of equipment in our fleet is a Hydroxyl Machine Rental to help maintain safe working and living conditions. If you’re looking for an air purification system that removes odors while actually cleaning the air, a Hydroxyl Generator just might be the right fit.

What is a Hydroxyl Generator?

A Hydroxyl generator takes any kind of volatile organic compound, such as viruses and bacterias, and attacks them in an airstream. It achieves this by taking moisture into the airstream and sending it across the hydroxyl generator. The moisture crosses a UVC light coated in titanium dioxide, which fractures the molecules. That H2O molecule is now fractured into independent hydrogen and oxygen, creating an oxidizer that attacks and kills organic compounds in the air stream.

The hydrogen produced with fractured H2O reconnects to create vaporous hydrogen peroxide as well as an O2  molecule through that same titanium dioxide-coated light bulb. You’re probably familiar with hydrogen peroxide in liquid form, which works as an antiseptic. Similarly, in vapor form, hydrogen peroxide created by the Hydroxyl Machine eliminates airborne odors and kills all VOCs in the air stream in addition to killing harmful organic molecules.

Hydroxyl Machines and Humidity

Based on your location and the humidity levels already in the air, Axis Air can provide Hydroxyl Machines with a Maximizer Cold Vapor Injector. This is a type of humidifier that sits behind the Hydroxyl Machine and adds water/moisture to the air as needed. This ensures your Hydroxyl Generator has all of the moisture it needs to perform air purification. In areas with higher humidity, you don’t need this feature.

Hydroxyl Machines vs. Ozone Generators 

When it comes to restoration projects there are several options to consider when you need to oxidize indoor air. Many customers are curious about Ozone Generators and how they’re different from a Hydroxyl Machine. Ozone Generators create 03, which is an oxidizer that removes odors from a space. 03 will attack and kill all kinds of bacterial, viral, and even bloodborne pathogens. However, this cannot be done in an occupied space as it’s hazardous and life threatening to humans. An Ozone Generator will need to be operated in a sealed space before being occupied again. Hydroxyl Machines create 02,which is totally safe for human beings and can be used in occupied spaces. While this process is slower than an Ozone Generator, it’s much safer and allows for work to continue.

Who Needs To Rent a Hydroxyl Machine? 

Hydroxyl Machines are an excellent option for nursing homes, hospitals, job sites, and other places that may have exposure to bacterial compounds or odors. Our equipment and technology can safely eliminate these while the space is still occupied.

For a safe and efficient air purification process, consult with our team to see how a Hydroxyl Generator can work for you.Axis Portable Air is an equipment rental, and sales company solely focused on climate control equipment. With an industry-leading fleet of temporary and portable heaters, our team of experts delivers trusted solutions for construction sites, commercial properties, outdoor events, and much more. In addition, we rapidly respond to emergencies and assist with planned projects. At Axis Air we have the equipment, resources, and most importantly a team you can trust.  Reach out today to learn more.


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