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5 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Portable Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative cooler portable rentals can be cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions for when you need to quickly cool off an outdoor or semi-enclosed environment. With a variety of cooling options, such as air conditioning, available, you may be wondering whether portable evaporative coolers are best for what you need and how to choose one that will effectively cool your space.Consult portable evaporative cooler reviews or use this guide when you’re considering an evaporative cooler rental.

1. What’s the Layout of My Space?

The best evaporative cooler works in an outdoor or semi-enclosed space. That’s because when you rent portable evaporative cooler, you’ll need a fresh air source. That can come from an open door or cracked window if you’re using the portable evaporative cooler rental indoors. 

Place the unit where what you are trying to cool is in the air stream.  Airflow is key when using an evaporative cooler.

2. How Humid Is My Environment?

Evaporative coolers are also called swamp coolers or desert coolers. That’s because they work best in dry and arid environments, on drier days and in drier seasons. Swamp cooler rentals will introduce moisture-filled air back into the environment. It’s not wet or misty air, but the air will make a humid environment more humid.

In high humid markets you can still use evaporative coolers but you won’t feel the same effect because the air is already holding a good amount of moisture.  That’s why dry environments are the ideal markets for evaporative coolers.

3. How Big Is My Space? 

An evaporative cooler generally cools one room/one space. The fan blows the cool air back into the space surrounding the cooler, which means you’ll need an additional cooler for additional spaces that may be partitioned off. 

For large open spaces like warehouses or factories, you might benefit from a larger cooler or several coolers throughout the single space. Use the measurement of your space and your expected occupancy to determine what size evaporative cooler is best for your needs.

4. Getting to know the basics on evaporative coolers, and where is your water source?

Evaporative coolers are generally low-maintenance, especially when you’re renting them. That’s because the provider, like Axis Portable Air, will ensure the cooler works optimally. 

Depending on how long you want to rent the evaporative cooler, you will need someone to be able to monitor the water levels and ensure the cooler is running how it should be. To ensure the cooler works effectively right away, you’ll want to fill the water reservoir with cool or room temperature water to prime the pads and give them time to get saturated. That way, when the cooler is turned on, the machine operates at full cooling capacity. 

Some other helpful things to know include:

  • How the control panel works
  • Where the cooling pads are located
  • How to refill the water tank
  • How to read the gauges 
  • Where proper placement of the cooler should be, depending on if the unit is a blower or fan type

It may help to train someone on how to clean the evaporative cooling system, in case the filters, pads or other components need to be worked on and you need to fix them immediately instead of waiting for technicians. When you’re renting equipment, you generally don’t need to worry about maintenance, but a basic understanding of what to do if something goes wrong is helpful.

5. What Are My Cooling Needs?

In some situations, an ideal temperature can be the difference between health and illness or life and death. Extreme heat can be very dangerous, which is why workers or guests in hot environments need reliable cooling to stay safe. 

When you can’t compromise on cooling quality, it’s helpful to consult portable evaporative cooler reviews and research the providers that rent them out. You’ll want:

  • Reliable equipment that works for your environment
  • Cost savings and energy efficiency
  • A team of responsive experts who can quickly address any issues that arise

In hot temperatures, you may want to avoid risking quality or service so you can protect those working in or visiting your location. At Axis Portable Air, we talk with you to learn about your setting and your exact cooling needs, so we can provide the very best recommendations that keep you and everyone in your charge safe.

Contact Axis Portable Air for a Free Evaporative Cooler Portable Quote

If you’re thinking about renting portable evaporative coolers, contact Axis Portable Air. We can provide custom recommendations that keep your space cool and protect those in it.


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