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A Property Manager’s Guide to Temporary HVAC Equipment

As a property manager you’ve got a lot on your plate; from small unexpected maintenance issues, planned outages, shutdowns, and replacement projects. Even when all things are running properly, you still may have tenants in need of comfort cooling. 

At Axis Portable Air, we deliver not only the highest quality equipment, but a white-glove turn-key customer experience. Temporary climate control equipment is our sole focus, so our team of experts can help you determine the type, size, and quantity of equipment that will adequately keep your tenants an temperature controlled environment. From multi-million square foot campuses, to small individual suites, our team is prepared to support property managers and building engineers at companies of all sizes. 

In this post, we will discuss temporary HVAC equipment, when to use it, and how to use it. 

1. Temporary HVAC Equipment: Cooling Solutions

Studies have suggested that the utility of portable cooling is continuing to evolve and become more valuable to businesses and other commercial entities. To help keep your properties cool and your tenants happy we recommend Portable Spot Coolers. 

Also referred to as portable air conditioners, or a spot cooler. Portable spot coolers are compact and self-contained air conditioning units that are high maneuverability and portability. They can be used for simple “spot cooling”, or can be the primary unit to cool a space.

They also conveniently plug into any outlet on nearby walls, which adds to their convenience factor. Additional benefits of a portable spot cooler include

  1. Perfect for a variety of environments
  2. Programmable thermostat feature
  3. Versatile as they direct airflow to specified areas
  4. Quiet when in operation
  5. It saves you money by reducing energy costs in your business

If you’re wondering which spot cooler is best for your property give one of our experts a call for an immediate quote. 

2. Temporary HVAC Equipment: Air Quality 

Maybe you’re dealing with bad odor or poor air quality at your property? Another type of portable HVAC equipment is a portable air scrubber. An air scrubber is a machine that plugs into standard 115 volt, and has multiple filters including a HEPA filter to capture 99.7 percent of the particulates in the air.

Additionally, it withdraws air pollution, pet dander, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), surface particles, as well as dust and odors.  Add a carbon filter to an air scrubber and now it can remove odors from an area like smoke damage or a smoke smell from fires.  Air scrubbers are used during wildfire season inside buildings to keep the smoke odor under control.

All in all, a portable air scrubber is used to provide healthier and improved air quality for its users. Here are some additional advantages of renting these units:

  1. Alleviation of symptoms related to asthma and allergies
  2. Removal of potentially harmful chemicals or particles in the air
  3. Eliminates the dangerous particles associated with asbestos 

Curious as to what types of air scrubbers are right for your property, and how many you would need? Call Axis Air today. 

3. Temporary HVAC Equipment: Heating Solutions

Do you need immediate heating solutions? Consider renting an electric space heater. These portable heaters are compact units designed to warm a single, small to mid-sized room or area. 

One of our top recommendations is the Patron 1.5kW Electric which is the epitome of heater quality and durability. Not only does it efficiently dispense warm air, but it’s also built for longevity and can last up to 10 years.

This heater features a 116 CFM fan motor which distributes warm air throughout the room. Instead of using it to warm a small area/personal space like other common space heaters, the E1.5 is meant to raise the temperature of an entire room by circulating the warm air in a much larger area.

When more heating capacity is needed, there are far more options than just the Patron 1.5kW Electric heater. You can learn more about numerous sizes and options on our website, or by Calling Axis Air today. 

Rent HVAC Equipment Today

Axis Portable Air is an equipment rental, and sales company solely focused on climate control equipment. With an industry-leading fleet of temporary and portable heaters, our team of experts delivers trusted solutions for construction sites, commercial properties, outdoor events, and much more. In addition, we rapidly respond to emergencies and assist with planned projects. At Axis Air we have the equipment, resources, and most importantly a team you can trust.  Reach out today to learn more. 

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